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We hope our passion for living a healthy & balanced life will inspire you to do the same. As an Integrative Medical Clinic, we specialize in treating chronic & complex conditions, including: mood & anxiety disorders, digestive problems, pain syndromes, hormonal imbalances and auto-immune conditions. In other words: conditions that require a multi-faceted approach to treatment, rather than one size fits all solutions. We are unique in Burlington for offering integrative naturopathic, psychologic and psychiatric care. Our aim is to get to the root of the problem, using the most gentle interventions possible to Infuse your health, naturally.

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We offer complimentary 15 minute ‘meet & greet’ sessions.

The intention of these sessions is that you will gather enough information to determine whether you want to trust your health care to us. We will try to answer questions you may have about the services we offer and the suitability of these services to treat your health concerns.

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Mindfulness is our passion! Check out our list of upcoming courses, support groups, and other events – and become part of our growing community. Find out more 

Our Team

Dr. Don Colonne
Dr. Don ColonnePsychiatrist
Dr. Don Colonne runs a busy adult psychiatry practice in downtown Burlington, where he is primarily affiliated with the Joseph Brant Hospital, in addition to which he runs a small private practice here at Infuse Integrative Medicine. He is currently only accepting new patients who are committed to an integrative approach to treating mental health concerns, and who might need his support in addition to naturopathic treatment. He is passionate about, and committed to mindfulness based approaches to attaining a balanced mind, and is actively involved with our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) workshops.
Dr. Lineke Heus
Dr. Lineke HeusNaturopathic Doctor
As an introduction I would like to divulge a bit about myself to you. I was born and raised in the Netherlands; a country you may know for its tulips, wooden shoes, windmills, and a guy that stuck his finger in the dyke to stop it from leaking. Or you may have heard of its liberal views on matters like abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage and legalized cannabis. While I’m certainly a product of this open minded culture, when I think of my home country, I think of the lakes where my dad thought me sailing, the vast network of bicycle lanes that connects each and every part of the country, and meeting friends over “koffie verkeerd” (café-au-lait) on a patio on one of the many picturesque squares or canals of downtown Amsterdam.

I didn’t start my professional career as a Naturopathic Doctor until I was in my 30’s, but I have always worked in the health care field. My work as a physiotherapist and medical anthropologist took me across the world (the Netherlands, China, Malawi, Canada), and I have encountered and studied many traditional, spiritual and religious healing traditions. Read more  or Book now 

Dr. Janet Hinds
Dr. Janet HindsClinical Psychologist
Dr. Hinds is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario with extensive experience in the treatment of adults in the areas of Clinical, Health, and Rehabilitation Psychology (including neurological injury / Traumatic Brain Injury and other life-altering traumas).

Dr. Hinds educational and clinical training is diverse, including postdoctoral Fellowship training in Primary Care Family Psychology / Geriatric Internal Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry, Rochester, NY – one of the first psychology postdoctoral training programs in Primary Care Psychology in the USA. Dr. Hinds understands collaboration in providing the best care, and the importance of recognizing mental health issues – which impact the treatment process and outcomes.

Briefly, Dr. Hinds has focused her work in the areas of medical & neuropsychological rehabilitation in hospital and community-based programs, helping individuals adapt to changing abilities & roles in life, working with families in the context of brain injury rehabilitation / community reintegration, facilitating groups (eg Brain Injury Coping Skills Group), work-related health challenges and solution-focused therapies (eg CBT) to help patients optimize their functioning and productivity in life.

Dr. Hinds employs evidence-based treatments in helping patients recognize the importance of returning to a productive life at work and/or leisure, and to recognize the need for change. She works to increase motivation to make these changes by promoting character strengths such as resilience, persistence, and social connectedness.
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