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How my mom ditched her heart medications to climb the Rocky Mountains

It doesn’t happen often I get to use my naturopathic toolkit on my parents, since the Atlantic Ocean keeps us apart for most of the year. So when they came over this summer to travel British Colombia with me, I made sure I brought my equipment with me, including my acupuncture [...]

Get a head start on your day: do the breakfast smoothie – fast, easy, and full of the good stuff

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to get all your vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, AND antioxidants in without having to spend you’re whole day thinking about organizing meals? The solution to your struggle is here: do the breakfast smoothie. Whatever you do: don’t skip breakfast. A good breakfast fuels you up and [...]

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Sugar pill cures typhus fever – or…was it placebo?

It is amazing that so many skeptics are so misinformed about homeopathy, and it is ironic (to be diplomatic) that these skeptics hold themselves out as “defenders of science,” while being embarrassingly ignorant of the “body of evidence” that verifies the efficacy of homeopathic medicines and the biological activity of its doses. (Dana Ullman, [...]

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