– Manage your appointments online.
– Participate in video calls with providers from the comfort of your home or office – avoid traffic, parking, wait times, etc.
– Consultation summary is automatically shared to patients at the end of telehealth session.
– All telehealth sessions are recorded for future reference. Sessions recorded are automatically uploaded to Patient > Documents section at the end of the day (at 11 PM).
– In addition to PHR, patients can also use ChARM TeleHealth iOS and Android apps.
– Associate all your family members with a single account.

Supported Browsers

ChARM TeleHealth service works in all WebRTC supported browsers listed below.

  • Google Chrome (Latest release version)
  • Firefox (Latest release version)
  • Opera (Latest release version)

Please use any one of these browsers to join telehealth session from desktop or use ChARM TeleHealth mobile apps.

Video Consult PHR Workflow

1. Patients can join the video session by logging in to the Patient Portal, or from mobile phones using ChARM TeleHealth iOS and Android apps.












2.  During first video session with provider, patients have to accept ChARM TeleHealth Terms Of Service.











3. TeleHealth session starts once patients validate the location from which they join the session