Master Your Mind – courses at the workplace

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Using the tools of neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, our Master Your Mind courses provide evidence-based practices to maximize human potential.

Participants learn to work more consciously and effectively with their minds and mental states. As such, our courses enhance interpersonal relationships, develop emotional intelligence, increase resilience, enhance innovation and creativity and extend one’s attention span. All of these have significant benefits, both in the workplace, and in life in general.

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Are you ready to become the Master of your Mind… rather than it’s slave?

Program Formats

Our training programs can be tailored to fit your organization’s culture and needs:

  1. Lunch & Learn (1 hr.)
  2. Keynotes
  3. Master Your Mind Foundations (Half Day)
  4. 8-10 week courses (1-2 hrs./ session) – see example course outline below
  5. Retreats (1 or 2 full days)
  6. Private coaching sessions


Whichever format works best for your organization, participants will leave with practical tools and skills to better deal with challenges at work and home. Each program is highly interactive and includes experiential exercises, attention-training practices, and cognitive skills training. While program designs may vary, the content provided will be similar, but more or less in-depth, depending on the time allocated. Below is an example  Course Outline of a 10 week course (This course includes home practices for sustained results. Guided meditations and hand-outs are included):

Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2 – Automatic Pilot

Week 3 – Dealing with barriers (perceptions, interpretations)


“The minds filter”

Week 4 – Gathering the scattered mind

Week 5 –  Staying present

Week 6 – Mindfulness of breath and body in movement

Week 7 – Acceptance: allowing / letting be (being at choice)

Week 8 – Thoughts are not facts

Week 9 – Bringing awareness to our lives

Session 10 – Maintaining change: putting it all together