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Shopping guides:

  • Reduce exposure to pesticides by 80%: Get the “dirty dozen” app or print the guide from
  • Eliminate GMO (genetically modified) foods from your diet: learn about the health risks, and high risk crops and products: or download the Non-GMO project app to scan a barcode.
  • Wallet card Top 1o food additives to avoid –  shoppers guide by Food Matters
  • Wallet card to reducing mercury exposure in fish
  • Think Dirty –  easy way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you info on the product, its ingredients, and shop cleaner options!
  • David Suzuki’s dirty dozen of cosmetic products

Diet & Nutrition – general clean and healthy lifestyle:

  • Paleo Diet – eating based on billions of years of evolution
  • Paleo Mom – a Paleo approach to mothering.
  • Perfect Health Diet – Moderate carb and paleo guidelines
  • David Perlmutter, MD – Neurologist with a focus on a Paleo and gluten free lifestyle.  Author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker.
  • Food Babe – Investigative reporting on processed food concerns, eating clean, recipes and eating guides.
  • Healthy Home Economist – A mom and pioneering natural health enthusiast on topics from birthing to cooking. Useful shopping lists and recipes for grain free cooking.
  • Wellness Mama – Mother of five and paleo recipe genius.
  • Whole 9 Life – Paleo detox with autoimmune, FODMAPs, and low histamine variants.
  • Tone It Up recipes
  • Nourished Kitchen

Diet & Nutrition – Specific Conditions:

 Women’s Health:

On the risks of Vaccinations and Medications:

Like minded blogs:

  • Chris Kresser – Integrative Medicine practitioner with highly informative articles, especially on thyroid health, gut health, and paleo.
  • Green Med Info – Home to the world’s largest natural health database and educational resources around evidence-based holistic care.
  • Mind Body Green – Comprehensive resource for Mind and Body information supporting natural health.
  • Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute – A forum for communication about cutting-edge lifestyle medicine practice and science.
  • Underground Wellness – Consortium of holistic health and real food enthusiasts, blogs, videos, radio.