Integrative Psychiatry

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At Infuse Integrative Medicine, we provide an integrative approach to supporting mood disorders and mental wellbeing. By “integrative” we mean that treatment modalities offered by all our practitioners are integrated into our treatment recommendations. The best of conventional medical / psychiatric treatments are combined with strategies such as mindfulness & CBT, herbal supplements, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and other complementary approaches. In other words: you have options to customize various modalities to your unique needs and preferences.

Core-principles of our integrative psychiatry approach:

  • We start by looking for a root cause underlying your mood symptoms, through a comprehensive intake and relevant lab testing. If we are able to identify a root cause (e.g. hormones, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, stress, etc) we will treat the cause, instead of just offering symptomatic treatment. In other words: the treatment recommendations are fully customized to your unique person and situation.
  • We will start with the least toxic treatment possible: in other words, we try to avoid prescribing medications by treating the root cause, and/ or using more gentle treatments, such as described above – this way reducing the risk of potential side effects.
  • Only if we decide that medications are required will you be referred to our psychiatrist, Dr. Colonne. The initial assessment is completed by Dr. Heus, our Naturopathic Doctor, who has specifically  been trained to assess for and treat underlying root causes, and to identify red flags (when to refer). She will consult with Dr. Colonne when necessary. This way we make best use of the combined expertise of our team, and prevent a long wait list to build up for Dr. Colonne’s services, who only has a small private practice (in addition to his work at Joseph Brant Hospital). For psychological services you may be referred to our Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Hinds.

You can book your initial assessment with Dr. Heus through our online booking system: